Cheese Thief

-control: Left and right arrows on the key-board - move, up-arrow - jump

Is a piece of cheese worth of all the risk? It is a matter of argument, but not for the mouse! Of course it is worth!

No obstacles would interfere Jerry – cheese is like a magnet for him. Even if hundreds of angry cats would stay on his way – he won’t leave until he finds and gets all the cheese. Help a mousekin - gather all pieces of cheese and don’t let him be caught by Tom.

The game “Cheese Thief” is multilevel. For passing the level you have to gather all the cheese left by Tom. This wouldn’t be so easy – Tom is very attentive. It seems like he can be in several places in the same time! Or maybe a crowd of cat-twins came to help him? It doesn’t matter – anyway the cheese will be ours!

Watch the cats: they walk back and forth, but sometimes they don’t keep an eye on cheese. Your aim is – to get a mouse to the cheese at such a lucky moment and to get back as fast as it’s possible before the cat appears. Pieces of cheese could stay on different altitudes, as well as cats. Jerry can jump over middle-sized obstacles or climb them easily. As for cats, they are limited in maneuvering – high walls and narrow chinks are not for them. On the floor without cats Jerry is completely safe.

Move Jerry with keys-arrows. Arrows “left-right” are for moving, arrow-up is for jumping. But not all the obstacles are easy to overcome. Very high walls are better to reach by alternative route, using other floors as stairs.

After having all the cheese, Jerry has to get to the entrance of his house. In this way you will finish the level and will exceed it.

It is interesting, joyful and free to play the “Cheese Thief” together with Tom and Jerry on-line. Have fun!

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