Mouse House

-control: mouse

Cunning Tom dreams to catch Jerry, but till now he didn’t succeed. He assumed: “If I can’t catch a mouse by myself, he will be caught in the trap if I put it in the right place…” Then he put cheese crumbs in the line, thinking that Jerry will gather them one by one, going straight to his embraces…

Your help is needed emergently! When Jerry is busy with cheese you have to create a round-way - through tables and under carpets, through paddles and near mouse-traps...You have a domestic “equipment” – a box with matches, a towel, a pan, a mop and a cap of whipped cream.

In the game “Mouse House” you have to think and to do this fast! You can’t stop a mouse – he likes cheese too much, the only you can do is to make a save way for him. Take things from the upper windows above the playing area and pull them to right places. You do everything with a computer-mouse. Before Jerry gets to the item that you have put – you can move it. But it is impossible to get it back to the panel. How to find the right place for each thing? - Follow yellow arrows and circles.

You can play the game “Mouse House” endlessly, this game is free. If you fail to complete your task – you get back to the beginning of the level (but not beginning of the game). But unfortunately you won’t have new cheese there…

It is important to gather cheese – each piece of it brings new points to your score. Besides, each time you make the right step, you get 25 points. Lead a mousekin to his hole without any problems and you will get another bonus. If you put the wrong item to the wrong place – Jerry can get into a trouble – he can fall to the stove, get into a mouse-trap or to cat’s hands.

A little advice – light things can hold on the water, you can build a bridge from chairs and TV can take attention of a cat for a short time… It is better to fall on soft things and iron can protect you from the fire.

It is a great game about bridges and constructing together with Tom and Jerry!

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