Big Cleaning-up

-control: mouse

A house-maid is fed up with all the disorder in the house that was created by Tom and Jerry. She is about to turn both of them out of the house if they don’t put everything in order right now! And friends started to work…

Tom took a broom and Jerry utilizes the food. You have to help this merry couple to accomplish this task within a minute. You can see a playing window with four spinning shelves. On the shelves there are spots for office accessories. Take items from the moving line under playing window and pull them to the right cell on the shelf.

During this time Tom swings his broom and adds more pieces to a pile. Sometimes crumbs of cheese and candies appear also. But there is no place for food among pencils and text-books! In this case Jerry can help Tom eagerly: pull all the food to the rubbish-bin, where mousekin eats them quietly.

If you didn’t find the right cell for some office accessories, you can put them to a rubbish –bin also. But you won’t get any points for this and also you will waste some time that is the most important factor in this game. For candies and cheese you get your points indeed.

The game “Big Cleaning-up” is multileveled. After you finish a level – another one starts, opening new opportunities for you. Each level lasts for just a minute! If you run out of time – just try again. All together you have three tries at each level. After using all of them – the game will be over. The results of your playing will be shown to you and if you wish, you can start the game again. Remember: it is free to play this on-line game – you are very welcome to do this again and again!

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