Tom’s Crossing

-control: Arrows on the key-board – moving

Jerry is lying on the beach. The sun is bright, the river is refreshing and the air is clear. But our kitty is offended – he was not invited at the beach! Tom decided to get there and will teach Jerry a lesson! Next time Jerry won’t leave to the beach alone.

Help Tom to get to another bank of the river. First he has to cross a high-way. Three lines are filled with traffic, but sometimes there is a gap in it. If the car hits Tom – he loses one life. But as they say, cats have nine lives, and Tom can check if this saying right is. If the car runs over him – he will get back to start and you will have to move from the beginning.

You have already crossed the high-way. But be careful, cars from behind can still hit you, so don’t hesitate and jump! But not to the river! Cats are afraid of water, aren’t they? Just get to the river and try to cross it, jumping from boat to boat. Here you can see three “traffic” lines also. These boats, just like cars, can move with different speed and have different directions. If you succeed – Tom will be happy to complete his aim. If not – just start the game from the beginning.

There is no timer in on-line game “Tom’s Crossing”, but the time is taken into account. Play on-line for free and train your reaction!

Jump with arrows on the key-board. Tom won’t move without you!

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