Build a Bridge

-control: mouse

Jerry is a little mousekin – he needs just a few cheese crumbs to become full. But it is difficult for him to get to remains of cheese on the table or on the shelf! Help a mousekin – build bridges and rope-ways to his precious aim.

But even a little mousekin has his certain weight. That’s why your bridges should be reliable and strong! You can use everything that you see – matches, paper-clips, threads and erasers… Use your fancy and skills of a designer!

Maybe your bridges are not masterpieces of art, but they make a path to cheese. From level to level you improve your logical thinking and Jerry is very thankful to you for your help.

It is easy to organize building in on-line game “Build a Bridge”. On each new level you will be provided with new building materials. You can see them at the right corner above the playing area. They are in circles. You have to click on one of them and then click once more to fix its bottom at one of white spots on the playing area. Holding the left button of a mouse you can stretch a match or a paper-clip it the right direction – in the direction of a cheese-crumb of course! You can use a grid that you see on the play area. Try to stretch different materials and you will see that: the length of matches is not more that the length of diagonal of one square on the greed; paper-clips can stretch twice more than matches and ropes can stretch twice more that even paper-clips. It is not necessary to stretch each item that you have. You decide by yourself – how many things you need and how to design a reliable bridge for Jerry. When the bridge is ready – push the button “Test” in the left upper corner and then – a button with the picture of a mouse. After this Jerry will start his way…

If everything goes well – you will get to the next level. If you made a mistake and construction falls – a mouse will hit the floor where Tom sleeps. Jerry will escape from the danger, but you will have to start the level from the beginning.

In the game “Build a Bridge” the time is limited. Watch the sand-glass in the upper information line. You can see how many tries you have in the game there also. You can start the level from the beginning if you have at least one try left. If you have not – get back to the first level in the very beginning of the game.

On-line game “Build a Bridge” is free and very interesting. Complete all the levels and help Jerry to taste all the cheese in the house!

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