-control: mouse

This maze is an eye-teaser - a mouse is on one side of it and a cat is on another. It is not so easy to move a tiny spot along the narrow corridors of labyrinth with the help of computer-mouse. Tom hunts after Jerry. But he is on one side of a maze and Jerry is on another.

This maze looks like a boot. A perfect place for a mouse, isn’t it? But a cat can also fit in the boot. Maybe you would help him a little?

You have just a minute for completing this task. Tom turns into a point that appears in the maze. Put cursor on this point at the beginning of the way and pull it till the end. The path is very narrow - if you hit the wall – Tom will stop and this will cause a delay. Do don’t want this, right? If you bring Tom at the dead-end you will have to get back to the cross-road and search for the right way – another delay of course.

Make this maze and you will be the winner! Tom and Jerry continue playing. If you wish – you can join them – it is free for you!

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