Find the Difference

-control: mouse

You see pictures from your favorite cartoon with our funny heroes. From the first sight you may think that pictures are similar, but they are not… If you pay attention, you will see that tiny differences between them exist.

You have to find these differences in on-line game “Find the Difference”. You have 5 minutes and no help. There are 10 different details and they can be anywhere. Click on the place, where you see the difference. If it really exists – you get 100 points! If not – you lose 100 points.

The level will be exceeded if you find all 10 differences in 5 minutes. And then you will get to the new level. If 5 minutes passed and you didn’t find all the differences – you lose the game. And you lose if you spend all your points with fail-clicks.

But as you play this on-line game for free, you can try again and again! Why not?

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