-control: Watch the blinking arrows on the floor. When the arrow gets in line with the right direction – click!

Tom and Jerry are never bored – one day they hunt after each other, another day – they co-operate against the mutual enemy. And when they want to change the daily routine, they make sport competitions. For example, playing bowling on the floorboard of the living room.

For our mousekin the ball is too heavy, that’s why he just roots for Tom and writes down the score. You can help Tom to impress Jerry - just strike all the skittles in one shoot. Play the “Bowling in the Living Room” on-line – it is free.

The first round: skittles are ready and the ball is in Tom’s hands. Aim and throw! It is very easy to operate: watch the blinking arrow, it shows the direction of the shoot. It moves quite fast but you can catch the moment when it comes close to the center of skittle-triangle. Click the left key of the mouse – shoot! You can control the power of shooting also. Watch the picture of the skittle on the left side of the playing area. When it fills – the power of the shoot will be maximal. In this way you can strike all the skittles. For choosing the power of a shoot, you have to hold the left button of the mouse (not just click, but press and hold) and release it in the right moment, when the power of a shoot satisfies you.

Instructions are easy to understand, however in the real game it is not so easy to catch the moment for setting a power and throwing a ball. But such a game could train the speed of your reaction very well! Play as long as you want and make a new high score together with Tom and Jerry!

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