Musical Stairs

-control: mouse

Ten stairs from the house porch to the yard could seem a way of torture for the cat who has to go this way. But on the other hand it is a wonderful opportunity for Jerry to make fun of Tom with special effects!

The fact is at the bottom stair sleeps a severe dog and if he wakes up, Tom will be in trouble. So he can’t scream at Jerry and what is left to do - is just to stand the mockery of a mouse! All Tom needs is to leave the stairs and then – teach Jerry a lesson. Let’s see what will happen!

That’s the way how characters of a cartoon “Tom & Jerry” live. They make a mock of each other and laugh a lot. Maybe you would like to take part in this game also? Together with Jerry leave an item from the list on each stair and watch what will happen then. Not watch only - you can listen also, as on-line game “Musical stairs” brings a wonderful sound to you! Play on-line for free, chose items from the list and Jerry will carry them to the right stair.

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