Super Jerry

-control: left&right arrows on the key-board - move, up-arrow - jump

Jerry got into the world of Super Mario. Now he is going to become a superhero and to make a great way, full of cats, Kupa’s turtles and many other creatures. He has to rescue not a princess, but little Nibls who was kidnaped by a cruel Kupa.

Golden coins are not attractive for a mouse – he doesn’t need them. But juicy fruits, cheese crumbs and even whole heads of cheese – are completely suitable as reward! They are worth of any risk! These treats are not just tasty but useful also – getting more of them Jerry gets game points. And if he finds a chicken – he gets an additional life. Some more: shields can be also very useful, but their effect lasts not too long, be attentive.

Moreover, there are good mushrooms in the game. Meeting them, Jerry could turn into somebody else and get special skills. Their effect lasts till he meets an enemy or “fails”. Be careful with super skills, losing them Jerry could stick on the half-way. And you will have to start from the beginning with minimal number of lives! And this would be not enough for fighting all the enemies.

As for enemies, there are a lot of them in the game of “Super Jerry”! You already know turtles, biting plants and dragons from “Mario”. But in “Super Jerry” you meet giant cats as well. Kupa cloned Tom to interfere Jerry to get to the castle. Like in “Super Mario” Jerry can conquer almost everybody - turtles, jumping on their back; jumping on cat Tom from the behind (but not when he is jumping by himself!); and leaping over plants (they are not to be trifled with – you can’t make them disappear!). For knocking anyone down you get game points! The stronger the enemy is – the more points you get.

But even after getting to the precious aim, Jerry couldn’t rescue his friend if he doesn’t have enough keys and dynamite. They could be anywhere – in the air, on different floors, in dead-ends and in traps… usually cats protect places and spots with keys. Find the way to get the key and not to be caught!

Move Jerry with keys-arrows. Arrows “left-right” are for moving, arrow-up is for jumping and arrow-down – for getting to secret levels and for prowling under low arches.

Play “Super Jerry” on-line as long as you want – the game is free and it is bright, rich and interesting!

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