Save a mouse

-control: Arrows on the key-board - moving

Either a sky falls to the ground or floors of big buildings grow up with a rapid speed… But Mouse Jerry is risking to be squeezed between slabs and “ceiling” of a virtual world.

Your aim is to help our little poor mouse to escape from the sky-scraper. Run till the edge of the floor and jump down! Don’t worry, Jerry has a parachute with him. The most important is not to stay on the floor for too long, they get higher and higher so if the mouse delays, he will be mashed.

On some floors Jerry can find pieces of cheese. Getting them you will increase your game points and this will cheer up Jerry and will give him more power. But from time to time a cat will be waiting for you there! It is better not to be caught – you would lose one life. And of course you don’t need a lag, do you? One floor gives you 100 points. And for exceeding it you have to gain a curtain number of them. Unfortunately the only mistake can waste all the efforts – and the game will be finished.

The game “Save a mouse” is multilevel, with each new level the speed becomes faster, bonuses become rarer and cats appear more often. But the game is free so you can train as much as you wish. Just save a mouse!

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