-control: Arrows on the key-board - moving

Mountain bike is reliable, but restive. Jerry is on the mountain bike for the first time in his life, so he rides not so well yet. Help him to ride with the wind and to have fun, but not a ticket to the hospital.

Mountain roads are very unpredictable: descents, holes, ascents and bumps…It is uneasy to ride without a knack. One has to know when to speed, when to slow and when to put the weigh to the back wheel. That would be your task!

You operate the bike with arrows on the key-board. Arrow-up – is speeding, arrow-down is slowing. Arrows left-right move biker to the right or left wheel. In different places bike reacts differently. If you put the weight of the biker to the front wheel ridding down – a bike will fall easily. The same could happen if you go up and hold the back wheel. Each accident takes one life from the player and brings him back to the beginning of the level. You have five tries for completing the game. If you use them all in vain – start the game again.

On your way you can have a snack: from time to time you will find some golden bagels. Jerry is fond of them and you have to be fond also – they will bring you additional points. But it is not always easy to get them. You have to think well if the result is worth of all the risk.

On-line game “Jerry-Biker” is completely free. All the information is written in Chinese there, but don’t let this confuse you! Remember – just two buttons are in main menu: upper one – start and lower one – visual instructions. If you lose the game – click at the hieroglyph below and you will start the it again.

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