-control: First player: arrows on the key-board – moving, Space – shooting. Second player: ASDW – moving, 0 – shooting.

A work of miner is dangerous, just like work of a mine picker. Even a little mistake can lead to a drama. Jerry understands this very well and that’s why he is very careful when he works with explosive elements.

Your aim is: together with a mousekin to make a road to the center of a playing area. You have to remove the heaps with the help of mines with slow reaction. In the center you have a control station of an enemy – of cat Tom. You have to destroy it!

You have just three seconds after the mine was left. Run away from the damage area as fast as you can. In the beginning Jerry has a poor experience, so he uses small mines. Radius of their action is not so wide and three steps would be enough to get to safe area. But the more shoots Jerry makes, the bigger mines he takes then. This can be dangerous, but the closer he gets to the center, the more space he has for hiding and running away.

By the way, after explosion you can find nice surprises at the empty place! You can get anything there: a rabbit, spare bombs, armor or anvil… You know what to do with bombs, as for anvil, you can jump on it at the time of explosion. This will protect you as well as using a shield. But you can use these things just one time. The best bonus is rabbit. He can carry Jerry and get him out of dangerous areas very fast.

But remember: if a bomb blast hits both of them, rabbit will disappear and Jerry will have to walk alone then.

When Jerry tries to get to achieve precious aim Tom stays in his main station. He has just three squares there. If Jerry cleans the way and the station is not destroyed with his last shoot, Tom will be able to move in the field and to put the mines. From that moment competition starts – who will win it? You have one step to win – so look sharp!

You can play on-line game “Bomberman” alone against computer, together with a friend against computer or just against your friend.

Playing against computer, move Jerry with keys A,W,S,D. Put mines pushing Space. And then run away very fast pushing A,W,S,D!

Playing with a friend against computer or just with one another use keys A,W,S,D and Space. Second player will use keys-arrows key “0”, which lays on the right side from arrows. Computer will make its steps independently. Everybody make their steps each after each.

It is free to play the game “Bomberman”. The game is very interesting and joyful!

A great on-line game Color a Picture with Tom and Jerry!

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